Gold Plating

Trusted for reliability and superior workmanship.

At Douglas Metal Finishing here in London, we are experts providing top quality gold plating services for luxury items, religious articles and domestic articles. Trusted for reliability and superior workmanship, our worldwide list of clients includes film, theatre, and manufacturing industries some of whom have a royal warrant. Our standard "Gold" finish is in fact the purest of all the gold finishes that we produce. It has a very rich colour because there are so little other metals added but of course this does make it the softest and therefore the most susceptible to abrasion. It is mainly used for its decorative appearance on articles which are not going to be handled so if it is liable take any wear and tear, the deposit required needs to be considerable thicker than the other gold finishes we offer. We do not deal in "gold substitutes", all our gold finishes contain the "real thing" and therefore always enhances the value of any products that pass through our processes. If you are looking for the quality of gold but with a practical durability try one of our other processes. Pure Gold is 24 carat and is extremely soft. This is why jewellery is usually constructed of 18 or 22 carat gold, not to save money, but so other harder metals can be mixed in which will strengthen the finished article and make it considerably more durable. We offer Incalux Gold, Incaloy Gold, Antique Gold and of course "Gold" pure and simple with it's rich 24 carat colour. Specialising in Gold Plating. We have an established factory and probably the largest gold vats in the UK. Our state of the art equipment for Gold Electroplating means we can accommodate large items like statues, heated towel rails or even car bumpers.

  • Vehicle parts
  • Taps and fittings
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Door furniture
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Statues and ornaments

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What Our Clients Say

  • Rita Keep
    Just to let you know that the flange arrived on Saturday and is absolutely beautiful. I don't think it was as good when it was new!  We're delighted with the result especially as this particular item is no longer available and my husband has grown very fond of it over the last 10 years! Thank you very much indeed.  I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for something like this.
    Rita Keep
  • Andy Palmer
    These guys did a stunning job on chrome work for me I haven’t seen even original factory chroming look this good. Can’t recommend them too highly !!
    Andy Palmer
  • Pete Tancred
    Am in the process of restoring a MK2 Jaguar to concourse condition. I was so impressed with Bishop - Classic Car Chroming - not only with the prompt service, but primarily, to the high degree of finish – irrespective of whether the part was large or small – all the workforce should be congratulated and praised for their dedication and professionalism. Many thanks Bishop and to all those involved. As “Arnold” once said; “I will be back”!
    Pete Tancred
  • Ann Mellor
    Dean, Val and all staff at Douglas Goods arrived lunchtime on 4 June, as promised.  We are thrilled with the transformation of the bathroom accessories and certainly, before we came to your premises, did we think that these items which are well over 20 years old, could be made to look brand new.  We would like to say many thanks to you all for the work done and the courtesy, friendliness and efficiency of your company - which is a rare thing these days. We shall have no hesitation in recommending Douglas to anyone who needs similar work done.
    Ann Mellor