Classic car chroming at Douglas chroming

We are passionate about making your classic car parts look incredible. We are an experienced and friendly car chrome restoration company. We are the market leader when it comes to the complete restoration of bumpers and other parts of your car along with some other unique vintage vehicles. Chroming is often the one job when restoring a classic car, or other vintage vehicle that needs a professional hand and we are the best at what we do. We look after your car parts throughout the whole process and are happy to answer any and all questions you have about the chroming process. Contact us today to find out more.

Excellent Service.

Most of our customers come from recommendations made by their friends or local car clubs across the country and this is because we do an incredible job and provide an uncompromising excellent service. We are happy for you to come and see our workshop and look at our chrome plating expertise at work. We also offer a collection and delivery service across the UK so no matter where you are we can help you with your restoration project.

What Happens to your Car Parts?

We can chrome just about anything! However, classic car chroming is definitely one of our favourite jobs. We can chrome all and any part of your classic car that needs to be restored

Before we start with the actual chroming process we take the time to thoroughly clean your classic car part so we can see exactly what restoration work needs to be done, by doing this we can ensure the best finish on your chromed part.

Car parts chroming

  • Bolts from your Classic Car
  • Classic Car door handle assemblies
  • The very special hood ornaments on your classic car
  • Classic Car bumpers
  • Window and body trims
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