Have any Questions

We have tried to answer as many questions you may have, these are the most commonly asked - if you have any others please call or email our expert team.
What Areas do you cover
We cover the entire UK and Europe where possible, please ask if you are located in a difficult to reach location.
What is your usual lead time
Depends how busy we are, give us a call.
Can you chrome Aluminium
No, we have found it to be an unreliable finish that does not last. We can highly polish instead.
Does your gold plating use real gold
Yes we only use 24 karat gold in our Gold plating services, guaranteeing the very best finish
Can you lacquer or powder coat
Sorry, we do not offer these services
Do you collect or deliver ?
We can arrange collection and delivery within the M25, or by courier outside, charges apply.
Do you do repairs and restoration
Yes we can repair and restore almost any part as long as there is enough to work with and a decent pattern
I want to get chromed a lot of small parts as well as a larger bumper, what process do you use to track them ?
For all work we photograph and log all parts. Once listed we confirm to you prior to starting your order
Do you finish to concours standard
All our work is done to concours standard, please let us know if you would like bit of the component not normally seen finished as well.
What other finishes do you do other than Chrome
We do Nickel, Gold, Copper, weathered Bronze and brushed finishes.
What are your opening times
We are open 7.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, until 3.00pm on a Friday. Saturday between 8.00am - 12.00pm. Saturdays are by appointment only.